Internet Addiction

Downside of working from home

  Work from home (WFH) has been the ‘normal’ ever since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak last year.   The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in changes to the working arrangements of millions of employees who are now based at home and may continue to work at home for quite some time.  The emergence of new technologies has made possible working from anywhere for many employees.   The expansion of remote work has led to the omission of …

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Be aware of how your devices affect you and take steps that help you regain control. Psychologists have helped people dealing with some serious addictions such as smoking and drinking over the years. Now they are making us ask ourselves if we are obsessed with our screens and digital devices. How would you fare/answer or react when you face these questions? Are you addicted? Addiction doesn’t have to be of any particular substance such as …


Impact of Social Media on Elders

According to a report Published on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day senior citizens in India feel that they are being isolated and disrespected because of the attention that their adult children are giving to their smartphone and social media which has eaten into the time family members have for them. The Study was done by HelpAge India, a charity that works for the elders who have some disadvantage. The study is based on a sample …

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