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How to Get Motivated to Study

When you have mountains of homework ahead of you, getting started can seem like an impossible task. But if you break down your study obligations into small, bite-sized goals, you’ll be able to work your way through them more easily. Get into the right frame of mind before you start studying, and establish a plan for success. Rather than following a study system that you dislike, think creatively about what works best for you and …

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Avoid getting distracted by your phone

Technology allows us to access endless data and research opportunities. The same devices that help you to learn can also distract you from getting your work done. The best way to stop getting distracted by your phone or device is to turn it off; however, many people use devices to study. Even with the best of intentions to stay on task, we still catch ourselves scrolling through social media when we should be working on a project. We …

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How to Improve Child’s Concentration

If your child you know is having trouble concentrating, it can be frustrating for you and them both! Work together to stay on task when you’re focusing on a particular activity. Outside of that, use things like mindfulness exercises and memory games to help the child learn how to focus. Also, make sure to minimize distractions that could be making it difficult for them to focus. Ability to concentrate varies among individuals, by age and developmental level. …

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Ways to Break Cell Phone Craving

Do you find yourself constantly texting, surfing the internet, sending emails, using applications and playing games? That we are living in an age of near constant digital distraction is now old news. You have also likely heard that the urge to pick up our devices is similar to other forms of behavioral craving. Like gambling or shopping craving, it releases a small shot of dopamine in various regions of the brain and keeps us coming …

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World of remote working!

We all would agree that for many of us, the last few weeks have seen an unprecedented shift in the way that we not only work, but also function as individuals, families and society as a whole. We all have lost our self control in some or the other way. Some of us are struggling to maintain momentum during this period of uncertainty and even our productivity has gone down due to downtime. All are trying to …

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