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How to Stop a Texting Addiction

Texting is a great way to quickly communicate. Unfortunately, the convenience of texting can lead to a texting addiction. If you feel anxious when you are not checking your phone and need to constantly message your friends, you might be addicted to texting. Making it more difficult to find ways to text, having better social interactions, and building better phone habits can help you beat your addiction to texting.Are we really phone junkies?Phones aren’t drugs. …

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Let’s Achieve Short Term Goals

Short term goals are one of the most powerful, yet under-rated tools for achieving amazing things. Not every goal in life requires months or years of work. In fact, some goals must be achieved in a much shorter period of time—sometimes in a matter of weeks, days, or even hours. We know goal-setting is important, but how do we actually set goals so that we’ll achieve them? These goals can be extremely important, often as …

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