Cure your smartphone Obsession with Apple

Apple unveiled a host of features to help curb your smartphone obsession.

Do Not Disturb during bedtime

This feature will hide all the notifications. Turn ON this feature before going to bed in the night and you will not be able to see any notifications until the next morning.  In case you pick up your phone any time during the night, it will only show you the current time which will prevent you from getting distracted when you should be sleeping.

In the morning, when you wake up and are easing into your day it will allow you choose when you want to see all your notifications, that came in overnight

Set an end time for Do Not Disturb (DND)

Now with Do Not Disturb feature, you can also set a time limit so that DND ends after that time interval, so you do not accidentally leave it on at any instant of time.

Support for grouped notifications

This feature will allow you to group all the notifications by the app as well as by topic, thread etc. And importantly group notifications will allow you to swipe and a whole group of notifications all at once

Screen time.

 This feature will provide a weekly summary report about your iPhone and iPad. It will provide an insight about how much time you are spending on your device and where you are spending it, what apps you are using too often and how many times you are picking up your phone and which apps are sending the most notifications

App Limit

If there is an app where you would like to spend less time, you can always set a limit for individual apps. When you are about to hit your limit, you will get an alert to inform you that only a few minutes are left to use it. Once the limit is reached and after that, you open the app you will get a notification that you have already used your maximum allotted time for today, although you can choose to ignore it and move on.

Turn off notifications for apps you are no longer using.

Your phone will alert you about the apps that you haven’t used in a while and allow you to shut off notifications for those apps entirely.


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