How can we Concentrate on Reading

You might have heard that concentration is a natural gift: you’re either one of those people who can read a whole novel in a day or you belong to the category of those who check what’s outside the window every five seconds to spot the slightest variation in the same cloud. Focus is a big part of what it takes to become a speed reader. If you can learn to focus better you’ll not only read faster, but you’ll do so with better comprehension. Learning to focus better will also help you become more productive in your professional or academic career. However, concentration is a skill you can learn with a little practice rather than one you’re born with. There are steps you can take and strategies you can develop to make sure you maximize your time and get your work done without much distraction.

Learning how to focus on reading is super important. It doesn’t matter what your reading material is: textbooks, online articles, Kindle, or a novel. If you are having trouble focusing, everything feels like eternal punishment. Being unable to focus makes for miserable, slow, shallow reading. By learning how to focus on reading, you will read more, do it faster, and take in the words. Not only is it possible to improve focus – you can work on it and build up strength, just like a muscle. It’s the same for focusing on reading. So, are you ready to find out how? Firstly, you need to get ready to read. iFocusMode – Stay Focused Self Control app is the best & most highly rated android app that helps you block distracting apps on your phone. 

iFocusMode – Stay Focused (Block Website & Apps) helps to increase productivity & reduce procrastination. It will help you have some self control on your mind & stay focused on work or studies & helps you get off phone.

Find a quiet place:

 The ideal place will vary from person to person: if the presence of other people distracts you, avoid libraries and common areas in your house. If noise is what bothers you most, the library could instead be the perfect environment for you. Either, If you’ve chosen a space thinking that it could work and then find yourself distracted by something in it, get away and move into one without this distraction. Forcing yourself to ignore it while trying to read or study will only keep your concentration busy with something other than the task at hand.

Listen to some music if it helps:

The effect of background noise on our concentration is very subjective: you might work best in total silence or find music helpful in shutting out actual as well as mental distraction. Listen to different genres of music and see which one helps you concentrate the most. Creating a sound environment that helps your concentration doesn’t necessarily involve music. You might prefer the background noise of a student lounge or coffee shop.

Return to the same space any time you need to concentrate:

Developing a habit of reading or working in the same place has its psychological benefits. When you go there, your mind will associate the environment with the activity you perform in it (for example, reading) and get down to work faster. Once you develop this habit, you’ll no longer have to make an effort to start concentrating. By association, your mind will automatically read the physical transition into such space (a study room) as a mental transition into concentration time.

iFocusMode users managed 40% improved productivity within 2 weeks of app use. First step is to accept that you do have a high screen time problem. You just can’t keep your phone down. Your attention span is less than 8 minutes. You can hardly focus on anything. It has started to affect your mental health which in turn is ruining your life. More distracting times are ahead if you don’t take some corrective actions to stop this habit. You need to stay productive & have better self-control while using your smartphone.

Practice Meditation:

Sources of anxiety and distraction are never far away. So learning to clear your mind won’t just make you happier. It’ll make you a better reader. A really simple way to do that is meditation as well. Sit in a comfortable, quiet space, and try to empty your mind. Practice letting thoughts come to your attention and pass through. Learn to hold your focus.

This skill won’t just get your brain ready to concentrate on reading. It will also help you block out distracting thoughts while you read.


If you still not were focusing on meditation, and your concentration getting attracted towards phone, download iFocusMode to get focus, which keeps you away from distraction.

This approach will not only make reading more interesting, it will also be worthwhile. Some people hate targets and end up failing if reading takes longer than expected. You don’t have to tackle the whole book at once – but instead, just read for a few minutes at a time. Multitasking is usually the privilege of those who have little trouble finding concentration in any situation. If you struggle with staying focused, however, limiting yourself to one activity is the best way to avoid getting carried away by other tasks. Your mobile and laptop could be a great source of distraction. If you’re reading on it and find yourself checking your e-mail too often, download the documents you’re working on (if they’re online) and turn off the internet connection, silence your mobile and keep it in your bag or pocket. Instead of going offline use iFocusMode app which reduce app usage time using this best app blocker.

Maintain phone life balance. Limit use of your device. Set time limits for yourself. It’s a must have app for kids phones. Stop being distracted by your phone. Focus on your goals.

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