How to Get Motivated to Study

When you have mountains of homework ahead of you, getting started can seem like an impossible task. But if you break down your study obligations into small, bite-sized goals, you’ll be able to work your way through them more easily.

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Get into the right frame of mind before you start studying, and establish a plan for success. Rather than following a study system that you dislike, think creatively about what works best for you and approach the material that way.

Sometimes having to do all that studying and catching up with reading from previous weeks feels like a drag. Maybe you have a project that’s due soon, a paper to write, or a test coming up. Or, maybe, you just know you ought to study a little every day.

How do you avoid procrastination and build up the motivation to get started?

According to a news report, both teens and adults check their smartphones 150 times per day (or every six minutes), and send an average of 110 texts per day.

Be gentle with yourself despite your procrastination habits:

These types of behaviors can be exhausting and distracting. Instead, be gentle with yourself when you’re having a hard time. Acknowledge the problem but remind yourself that it’s okay and that you’re working on improving. Everyone learns and works differently, so focus on your own needs and capabilities and don’t worry about how everyone else is doing.

Try freewriting or journaling to explore your anxieties about your studies or the specific factors that are preventing you from getting started. Take a deep breath and tell yourself it’s time to shift your frame of mind so you can get to work.

Do not run away:

Avoiding work can make you feel deflated. This is emotionally more draining than having to go through the frustration of reading for your paper.

Try to understand your studying style better:

What will make it easier for you to work? We are all prone to pleasant experiences and it is natural that we tend to avoid uncomfortable, dry chores and duties.  So, try to make your study experience as interesting as possible.

Visualize yourself starting:

Make yourself sit down and work even if this is for just 20 minutes. See starting as a parallel process like a plane on a runway. You may start slow but you will still take off!

Prioritise the most important tasks and avoid multitasking.

First step is to accept that you do have a high screen time problem. You just can’t keep your phone down. Your attention span is less than 8 minutes. You can hardly focus on anything. It has started to affect your mental health which in turn is ruining your life. More distracting times are ahead if you don’t take some corrective actions to stop this habit. You need to stay productive & have better self-control while using your smartphone.


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