Short term goals are one of the most powerful, yet under-rated tools for achieving amazing things. Not every goal in life requires months or years of work. In fact, some goals must be achieved in a much shorter period of time—sometimes in a matter of weeks, days, or even hours. We know goal-setting is important, but how do we actually set goals so that we’ll achieve them? These goals can be extremely important, often as
We all have goals and dreams, but it can be difficult to stay focused and stick with them. At first, we are focused and eager to achieve them, but sometimes, we can get bored and tired of chasing them. Achieving your goals is much like pushing a car; you cannot work hard for a day or two and then stop. Pick up your goal again later and work for a day or two and then
Smartphones are extremely useful and even fun additions to our modern lives. However, many people have developed a reliance on the smart phone that borders on obsession. This is especially troublesome if you’re in a relationship with someone with a smart phone obsession. Cell phones have become such powerful and versatile tools that, for many people, they feel literally indispensable. Being obsessed is like having tunnel vision: you lose the ability to see or care about
Too much time spent online can cause a host of emotional and physical problems, damage personal relationships, and decrease performance at work or school. Nevertheless, Internet addiction is a growing issue. However, if you are struggling with the problem, you can overcome it by taking steps to limit your Internet usage, filling your time with alternative activities, and seeking support. Internet addiction is a growing threat for children and adults worldwide. Learn more about why
What is an education blog? An education blog (weblog) created for educational purposes. Blogs offer a huge instructional potential as an online resource. There are many ways to use an education blog they offer many benefits. Blogging comes in many forms, it addresses countless topics, and it can, without a doubt, be divided by its quality. But when it comes to education, blogging can be an excellent tool for improving a student’s involvement, excitement, and most importantly, writing

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