Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) a Happiness Killer

Recently, video game obsession has become an especially hot topic, thanks to the World Health Organization officially recognizing it as a legitimate mental health disorder.

The concept of this game is pretty interesting. Over 100 players are dropped on a remote island and have to survive until the end using whatever weapons they could find to kill others. As time passes, the playable area in the island shrinks and anyone outside it dies automatically. Players have to remain within the area and that is what makes the game more challenging. Players cannot hide in any one location and wait for other players to show up, but will have to move regularly to get to the playable zone.

Players can arm themselves with weapons and protective gear they find on the island. The rate of survival and killing rivals depends on the quality and range of weapons one has.

It can be played solo, with one partner or with a team having multiple players. During multiplayer games, players can also chat with their team members using the app’s built-in messenger. Players can dress up their in-game character/avatar using rewards points earned after every game. Surprisingly, there are no in-app purchases or advertisements in the game, as of now.

PUBG Mobile is as challenging and a little more frustrating than the PC version due to the controls, but it is immensely obsessive and hard to put down.

Every time you play a game, you get BP (Battle Points), XP (Experience Points) and Rating Points (Total, Survival and Kill). BP allows you to make free in-app purchases, while XP helps, you’re in increasing your Levels.

Rating Points are assigned based on your performance in each match. Kills, placement, the number of players in the game, and your actual tier are all considered to calculate the RP earned in a particular match. It is also possible to lose RP depending on your placement. They accumulate as ranks in your profile.

They also have the Royale Pass Points wherein you can earn RPs by completing daily and weekly missions, and this gives you access to the Royal Pass. This allows you to get exclusive rewards in the form of Inventory of clothes, and accessories with which you can customize your avatar, give them specific emoticon moves like dance, etc.

By connecting to the social networks for logging in, Pubg ensures that the profiles are verified and bots are not playing against each other. It also ensures that you automatically connect with your friends who are playing the game already.

This enhances the social experience unlike any other combat game where you can actually play the whole game intuitively with your friends which was not possible in any other game before this.

Tencent released Miramar – the second map in PUBG MOBILE. The desert map introduced new challenges and fresh content for players to enjoy. Also, the arcade mode came in as a relief for those who wanted PUBG thrills without spending a considerable amount of time.

Over the course of time, Tencent kept adding more maps to the game to keep players interested. The game also got new gameplay modes such as the War Mode and the sniper mode.

To keep first person shooter lovers happy, PUBG MOBILE added a first-person mode. This offered a new perspective to players who were used to Counter Strike and Battlefield.

The new seasons bringing special content-both on a free as well as a paid basis. This keeps hardcore gamers interested and customizes their characters to express themselves on the battlefield.

To reap in the benefits of PUBG’s popularity, the publishers started organizing official e-sports tournaments involving professional PUBG players from India. The event was successful and has paved way for others to host PUBG MOBILE tournaments.

Unlike most games, PUBG MOBILE didn’t come with a tutorial. Instead, players were let go to learn the hard ways of a battle royale game. This method attracted gamers who preferred a more realistic approach to a fighting game instead of an arcade feeling.

PUBG MOBILE echoed the harsh realities of the real-life battlefields. For the first time, players had to invest time for devising strategies as well as improving skills to simply survive for a long time.

PUBG the obsession to this game has become more concerning than obsession to drugs as we get to see youngsters 24 hours on the mobile phones and playing the game and doing nothing. 

Sensor Tower in its October 2018 report stated that PUBG Mobile was one of the highest downloaded game on Apple’s App Store. The game is also one of the top 5 most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store in India right now.


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