ifocus Quiz

Quiz on Important Facts

How would be the Life without social media?

How long do you typically spend on social media per day?

How often do you look at social media? (Ex: Looking at the Instagram feed, checking Snapchat stories, etc.

What is your favorite app?

You post a picture on Instagram and don't get the ideal amount of likes you were expecting. How would you react in that case?

You are on the beach with your friends. What would be your first reaction?

Do you feel restless, moody, depressed or anxious if you are not able to log in?

Have you jeopardized your studies or work because you wanted to stay on the website for a little longer?

I am anxious when I am separated from my smartphone, tablet, or laptop for an extended period of time.

Has your partner/best friend/mom ever complained that you spend more time on your phone than you do talking to them?