What Ways to Break Cell Phone Craving

Do you find yourself constantly texting, surfing the internet, sending emails, using applications and playing games? That we are living in an age of near constant digital distraction is now old news. You have also likely heard that the urge to pick up our devices is similar to other forms of behavioural craving. Like gambling or shopping craving, it releases a small shot of dopamine in various regions of the brain and keeps us coming back for more, even when we know it’s not in our best interest to do so. Depending on how much time and effort you put into those situations, you may have a problem with excessive cell phone use. Overuse of your cell phone can lead to reduced quality of personal relationships and lack of productivity in daily life.

“How can we overcome our craving to distraction so we can focus on the things that actually matter?” 

I recently heard someone say, smartphones are like power tools: They can be really helpful if used effectively, and really dangerous (i.e. craving, habit-forming) if used otherwise. For many people, it’s the latter, because the unfortunate truth is: We’ve gotten to the point where modern-day technology (i.e. the smartphone) is literally rewiring our mental circuitry, so much so that it’s affecting our abilities to sustain focus for long periods of time and perform deeply worked.

Why is exercise specifically a good alternative to using your phone?

  1. It boosts your mood.
  2. It tires you out.
  3. It keeps you busy.

Ans: 1

Create a plan for your phone usage; Write your plan and goals down to make them more concrete. Keep a log of which goals you’ve met and ones you are still working on. Limit your cell phone use to certain times of the day. iFocusMode – Stay Focused Self Control app is the best & most highly rated android app that helps you block distracting apps on your phone. Restrict browser, games, music, chat or social media apps you want & lower your screen time using this best app blocker to increase your productivity 10x by just being off phone for few hours a day.  Select your craving apps. It can be social media, chat or gaming apps. Offer yourself rewards for less time spent on your phone. This concept is called positive self-reinforcement and it is used in therapy in order to teach individual positive behaviours through the use of a reward system.

Keep a tally of how many times you check your phone per hour. Notifications are the main reason people get craving to their phones, since they are incredibly dopamine-inducing. Instead of going cold turkey and completely eliminating your cell phone use (which can be very anxiety-provoking), begin by progressively reducing the amount of time you spend checking your phone. For example, start by limiting the amount you check your phone to once per 30 minutes, then once per 2 hours, as so on.  Put your phone away. Put your phone somewhere where you will not see it. Turn your phone on silent mode when you are at work, study or anywhere else, so it won’t distract you.

Studies have shown that spending too much time on your phone is bad for your focus and mental health. Try turning off notifications, kicking your phone out of your bedroom and even turning on grayscale.

Who should use this iFocusMode – Stay Focused (Block Websites & Apps)
✔ Working professionals looking for phone life balance & reduce procrastination.
✔ Students wasting time watching videos & want to reduce laziness & improve focus.
✔ Girls or boys wasting time on their phone & now wants to go anti-social and stay focused in life.
✔ Housewives bingeing on online TV shows & want to reduce their screen time.

Take a cell phone holiday especially on week days. Cut cell phone use out of your life completely for a short period of time such as a weekend. You can notify your friends and loved ones that you are going off the grid for a short time. This can be easily accomplished on social media. There are settings on your phone that may alert you every time you get an email or Facebook notification. Make sure you turn these off! This will reduce the number of times your phone goes off or vibrates. This way you are not being notified every time something occurs. It then disables your phone when you reach the maximum of minutes.

Are you on your cell phone because you have a strong desire to be social and connect with others? If so, you can fulfill your needs in ways that last longer such as face-to-face contact. Are you simply bored? Boredom can be a huge trigger for individuals to engage in craving behaviours. If you are often bored, it may be time to develop hobbies or other activities that sustain your attention. Instead of using your phone to feel better, engage in alternative activities such as exercise/sports or creative activities such as writing or drawing. Let your family and friends know that you may not text, call, or email them back right away since you are attempting to cut down your cell phone use. If they are aware of the situation they are more likely to be understanding and not be upset.

If you don’t want to cut down your cell phone completely, you can make use of best app i.e. iFocusMode.

How iFocusMode Screen Time App Block Works?

✔ Select your craving apps. It can be social media, chat or gaming apps.
✔ Select duration of your phone break. It can be from 30 mins to 48 hours.
✔ What is this challenge worth to you? Select your challenge amount.

That’s it.

On successful completion of your less phone usage challenge, you will get full refund in your iFocusMode app wallet to help you take up another challenge.

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