Frequently asked questions

Yes and No. This is not the only best way. Best way would be to ditch your smartphone altogether and switch to feature phone!

But given the times we live in; we cannot go back to feature phone anymore.

Smartphones have become a necessity these days. Hence the best way to fix your phone obsession problem is to limit your consumption of compulsive social media or games apps.

We know we are wasting too much time on our phones, but somehow, we are helpless. We need to find a solution to get out of this mess, but don’t know what to do. Many smartphone users are getting into all sorts of anxieties and depression issues due to their phone inclination.

Only solution is to throw the money at the problem. And in this case, it works!

If you complete your challenge successfully, you will get your challenge amount back in your iFM Wallet. It means you can retake the challenge without buying any new package till you fail in your challenge.

We recommend to set a high value challenge so that you do everything to successfully complete your challenge and get your amount back in your iFM Wallet for your next challenge.

High value challenges work well if you are too much biased towards games, social media or video apps, which even you know, wastes a lot of your valuable time on daily basis.

“The idea behind the app is, you bet, say $5.00 on challenge that you won’t use particular game or chat messenger for next 6 hours. If you do open these apps during this 6-hour break, then you lose your challenge of $5.00. And if you don’t open any of these 2 apps, then you successfully complete your challenge and get back your $5.00 in your iFM wallet so that you can take up next challenge.

This way with just one time spent of $5.00, you can take up infinite number of challenges and lose only when you fail. If you fail, it means you need to take up $10.00 challenge and make it harder for yourself to lose again. Simple. Use our app and you will see how it helps you get your life back and be more productive. You waste your money anyways on coffees or colas or junk food. Now spend some money to get out of this mess you are in. You will only thank us later.

You can set your phone break duration from 30 minutes to 48 hours for 1 or 10 apps. If you don’t want to spend any money, then you can set 30 mins break duration for 1 or 10 apps.

In case if you try to open your blocked app when your challenge is live, then iFocusMode app will raise an alert and give you a warning. You will have two options then, either open your blocked app and lose your challenge or resist your urge to open your blocked app and continue with your break and improve your self-control.

Yes, you can view your entire Break History from the menu. The Break history will show you all the details of challenges you have taken in the past giving details like, due to which apps you failed to complete your challenges and how close you were to complete it. We have many users who take 6-hour challenges and sometimes fail their challenge in the last 1 hour! It’s tough to get rid of your phone obsession!

This app will help you reconnect with your life by limiting your smartphone operation drastically and increasing self control. You can block specific apps on where you are spending too much time such as Facebook, Instagram etc. Once you start using iFocusMode app, you will see 2x increase in your daily productivity, concentration and focus. Students are able to focus more on their studies without any distractions and perform better in exams. Working professionals can stop wasting their time on mindless surfing and start achieving their goals in life.

The consequences of dependence on Smartphone are as follows:

1) Smartphone dependence is a very real phenomenon. We all need to accept it. Real danger is easy accessibility of mobile phones by children which makes them lose self-control               .

2) Just like with other obessions, withdrawal from the smartphone can be long and painful and come with some complications.

3) Spending too much time staring at a screen can lead to anxiety and even depression as people always expect constant updates and interaction from friends and worry when these aren’t received on time.

4) Smartphone dependence is one of the major reasons for sleep insomnia. Blue light radiation emitting by your phone is the real culprit.

5) Instead of making us more connected to our loved ones, our phones could be making us more isolated.