Frequently asked questions

  This is not the best way. Best way would be get rid of your smart phone altogether and switch to feature phone. But given the times we live in, that solution is too harsh for you.

There are some very good usage of smartpphone which you need on daily basis. Hence best way to fix your problem is to limit your usage to addictive apps.

Problem is, in most of the cases situation is out of our hands. We know that it’s bad for us, but somehow we are helpless. We need to find a solution to get out of this mess, but don’t know how to. It has started to effect your life. You are getting into depression due to this.

Only solution is to throw the money at the problem. And in this case it works!

Use the app and you see how it helps you get your life back. You waste small amount of money anyways on coffees or colas or junk food. Spend some amount to get out of this mess you are in. You will only thank us.

  You can select any break duration starting from 10 minutes to 48 hours.

You get 2 Full Free trials and then lifetime free usage of the app for upto 3 hours break duration.

  In case if you try to open the app when your challenge is live then the IFocusMode app will raise an alert and warn you. You have two options for this either you can open your addictive app and lose the challenge or resist your urge to open the addictive app.

  Yes, you can view your entire Break History from the menu. The Break history will show you all the details of the break that you have taken. It will also show which Quick Break was successful and which Quick Break failed and by how much time the break was failed.

  This app will help you to reconnect with your life back by limiting your smartphone usage. You can block the specific apps on whom you are spending too much time such as Facebook, Instagram etc. and stay focused on your task. You can block any app from 10 minutes to 48 hours. You can take a break from your Smart Phone and focus on other important tasks which will help you to increase your productivity.

  The consequences of Smart Phone addiction are as follows:

1) Smartphone addiction is a very real Phenomenon.

2) Just like with other addictive substances, withdrawal from the smartphone can be long and painful and come with some complications.

3) Spending too much time on staring at a screen can lead to anxiety and even depression as people always expect some constant updates and interaction from friends and worry when these aren’t received.

4) Smartphone addiction is one of the major reason for sleep Insomnia

5) Instead of making us more connected to our loved ones, our smartphones could be making us more isolated.

6) The Direct exposure to blue light of the smartphone like the one that comes from cellphone screens can cause damage to the retina of the eye.