Challenge yourself to break your addiction

A challenge is an opportunity for you to get rid of your addiction whether it is social media, games or anything else. You can set up a new challenge for anyone to take or accept the challenge which is set by others. You just need to select the apps which you want to take challenge for and then select time duration for the challenge. The time duration can be anything from 3o mins to 48 hours.

The main purpose of these challenge is to help you get rid of the any sort of the addiction. In today’s world there are multiple things to disturb us and very few things are there which can help us to concentrate. The average attention span of user is just 8 seconds.

Now it is pretty high time and none of the free solutions will work in this case. When we get anything for free, we don’t value it and take it for granted. Whenever there is money involved Its human mentality to be careful about such things and not to take them for granted.  So, the chances of successfully completing those challenges are pretty high as we don’t want to lose money in this case. It is difficult but not impossible to get rid of your addiction.

Once you complete the challenge successfully then the entire challenge amount will be refunded back to your iFM wallet. So, now with a single buy package you can create multiple challenges to get rid of your addiction and no need to spend any additional amount to create new challenge each time.

Whenever you take any break challenge or have successfully completed the break challenge for a certain time duration with specific number of apps then you can share it with others and invite them to accept your challenge and set up a new time limit for the challenge. This will motivate others to accept the challenge and work on leaving their addiction. 

Challenges are further divided into three sub categories which are Silver, Bronze and Gold. All these challenges are paid challenges so as to ensure that you are serious and committed enough to complete these challenges and get rid of your addiction pretty soon. You can accept or invite others for the challenge.

When you complete any of the challenges successfully with a certain number of apps it will be considered as an achievement and shown in your account in “my profile” section.  With each successful completion of the challenge you will earn a badge showing your completion for the corresponding challenge. Once you have sufficient number of badges in your profile for your achievements with successful completion of the challenge you can see your name in “Hall of Fame”

You can make any user as a Witness for your challenges. When you take any of the Bronze, Silver or Gold challenge you will have an option to make any user as a witness for your challenges. If you select that option a witness request will be sent to all the users and who so ever accepts the request will be a witness for your challenge.

When you have selected any user as a witness for your challenge and in case if you fail to complete then the entire challenge amount will go to witness iFM wallet as an advantage of being the witness for your challenge. The Witness Module is available in Paid challenges only which are Silver, Bronze and Gold.

When you share this app with at least 10 other users with a unique referral code for each user and they download the app and enter the unique referral code for them then your iFM wallet will be topped up with the amount which is equivalent to the first package amount. The amount will be credited to your iFM wallet.


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