Psychologists have helped people dealing with some serious addictions such as smoking and drinking over the years. Be aware of how your devices affect you and take steps that help you regain control.

Now they are making us ask ourselves if we are obsessed with our screens and digital devices.

How would you fare/answer or react when you face these questions?

Are you addicted?

Addiction doesn’t have to be of any particular substance such as nicotine or alcohol. It can be based on one’s behavior also. Digital addiction is the new kid on the block.

Most digital users don’t even realize that they are addicted to technology and are being controlled by their devices

If you want to hold yourself or stop getting out that phone, but can’t control yourself from doing that or it is extremely difficult for you to do that and requires strong will power, then you are hooked

How did you get hooked?

Addiction of any sort is always tied up with negative emotions or negative feelings. Stress, depression, fear, heartbreak, loneliness, and boredom are just some of the feelings that will drive people to seek comfort with their digital devices.

If you think you can find the comfort in these digital devices, normally via social media and gaming, then it is obvious you will turn to them when you feel uncomfortable and want to get some level of comfort.

You may not even realize it, but as you reply to a message or count the number of ‘likes’ on your post, even that small sense of gratification you feel could tip off the addiction

So, what should you do?

What does it mean when people say you should stop using digital devices?  Are you supposed to spend the rest of your life without these digital devices or a life free of these digital devices? Of course not.

Taking control of your digital life means using it when you genuinely need to use them or want to use them and putting your phone or tablet down happily once you are done with your work

Can you banish the brainwashing?

Nowadays it is an important belief that you constantly need to use digital devices and apps if you want to keep yourself update with modern lifestyle. If you don’t use the latest tech devices and gadgets then people consider you old fashioned and outdated.

Along with that your phone emails and various social media platforms have become the medium how you interact and connect with the world in a different manner.

But if they reach a limit where they are become a constant source of the intrusion, demanding attention every second then you have a problem which has to be dealt with. Only passing the screen test doesn’t solve the problem.

As an addict to digital devices, you have been brainwashed to believe that you cannot have a meaningful, connected life with others without your phone. The challenge is the same as it is present with every addiction is to reverse the brainwashing

Now you’re ready

These practical mentioned thought processes will surely help you to escape the digital addiction i.e. the addiction from digital devices such as smartphones.

Passing the screen test examine them with an open mind and practice them for a couple of days. It will be in the initial few days but you will get used to it and later on, it will be pretty much simple and easy for you. All these things will make your digital experience an altogether more peaceful, relaxed and fulfilling one.

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