The Downside of Being High Tech

Technology has become a mandatory part of our lifestyle in the day-to-day schedule. We are so much ingrained in technology that we cannot imagine our life without it. This is big disadvantage of the downside of being high tech.

It is pretty difficult for us even to remember how the world was like before it

While we owe a debt of gratitude to the brilliant minds who have gifted us the innovations to simplify our lives digitally, it can also be a cause of distress.

Here are eight ways technology is taking a toll on humanity

Mobile devices and computers can lead to bad posture

There are various names such as Smartphone slouch, Desk Slump, Text neck, etc. to the way we hold ourselves when we use devices like phones, computers, and tablets. All of these are pretty much unhealthy for us.

The downside of being high tech, the Improper body posture cannot not only affect our back and neck but has other psychological effects as well which includes lower self-esteem and mood, Decreased assertiveness and productivity according to a column in the New York Times

Excessive mobile usage can affect your eyesight

Over usage of anything is bad for health. Overusing these digital devices can lead to issues with eyesight

Intense device usage can exhaust your eyes and can cause eye strain, according to the Mayo Clinic and can lead to symptoms such as headaches, difficulty in concentration, and watery, dry, itching, burning or tired eyes.

Overuse can also cause blurred or double vision and increased sensitivity

Insomnia is a side effect of digital devices

Insomnia is the lack of sleep that we usually suffer due to the additional usage of these digital devices.

Using these digital devices for a long time before going to sleep can lead to insomnia.

It is due to blue light that is emitted from these digital devices which suppress the release of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone in the human body, as per the National Sleep Foundation.

Technology is too addictive

The use of these tech devices has become an addiction. It is now becoming more and more difficult to stay away from these devices and even we cannot live without them.

In fact, as per a psychologist Doreen Dodgen Mage, the average US adult spends more than 11 hours per day in the digital world browsing through various social media platforms and doing unnecessary browsing online.

Technology is leading us to sedentary lifestyles 

When we use these digital devices for hours continuously nonstop, it is usually paired with extended sitting periods either at the desk on couches, or the bed.

A sedentary type of lifestyle leads to a high chance of diseases such as Diabetes, Cardio-vascular diseases, obesity according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Social media and screen time are affecting our mental health

It’s not only physical health that suffers from the side effects of technology but even our mental health also suffers a lot.

According to a national survey by the University of Pittsburgh Centre for Research on Media, Technology, and Health, young adults who use multiple social media platforms such as 7 to 11 had 3 times more chances regarding the risk of depression and anxiety as compared to those who use two or fewer platforms.

Youngsters are losing the ability to interact face-to-face

Reading the body language of others is the ability very few people have.

But with the enhancement in technology, it is also getting eroded as due to these digital devices people are having very less face to face encounters.

As much of our communication does not happen in person but it happens online, according to a professor of English at Emory University.

Instant availability of information is making us less self-sufficient

In today’s technological advanced world, we have all the information available with us at our fingertips with just the touch of a button via the internet.

While it is pretty much useful but it also has some serious drawbacks.

According to Entrepreneur Beth Haggerty, this puts a limitation on our creative thinking and thought process at times as we have already developed the habit of finding the answer to everything quickly via Google.

However, the long-term results of this are shocking as the whole of humanity has become dependent on these search bars and web browsers for information to be seen.

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