Addicted to cell Phone?

It’s about time we all admitted we’re too addicted to our cell phones. From non-stop selfie-taking to endless scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy to forget to put the tech down and get addicted to social media even in situations when we really need to.It seems we’re well aware of the huge effect our cell addiction is having on our lives, but we’re not prepared to do much about it.

People mostly reach out for there cell phone first in the morning. When they are bored they we use cell phone. Spending more and more time on cell phone. Restrict browser, games, music, chat or social media apps you want & lower your screen time using this best app blocker to increase your productivity 10x by just being off phone for few hours a day. iFM App Block – Less Screen Time & More Self Control app is the best & most highly rated android app that helps you block distracting apps on your phone.

Why Are We So Attached to Our Phones?

We all know what it’s like to check our phones for no reason other than boredom, loneliness, or anxiety. According to studies, the average person unlocks their phone an incredible eighty to a hundred times per day.

It’s becoming clear that we don’t all use our smartphones with intention. Instead, we look to them for comfort when we feel unsatisfied.

We ponder the musings and exchanges we’ve had or have yet to have on our smartphones. Perhaps we yearn for small escapes in our daily routine. But those escapes fritter our attention, which is our most precious commodity.

By giving our attention away so carelessly, day after day, we aren’t able to live as meaningfully.

Before overcoming my smartphone addiction, I remember typing in “f” for Facebook in my mobile browser more times than I can count. There were days where I used to check my Gmail inbox more than twenty times. Even after uninstalling the respective apps, I couldn’t help but go on the mobile sites.

Mobile phones and the internet have become an indispensable part of our lives. Both have made our lived easier. For many people, checking their phones is the first and the last thing they do every day. Anti-Social App helps to increase productivity & reduce procrastination. It will help you have some self control on your mind & stay focused on work or studies & help you get off phone.

  • Someof the benefits of using iFM Less Screen Time & More Self Control App :

    Stop being distracted by your phone. Stay Focus on your goals.
  • Improve concentration. Restrict yourself & exercise some self control.
    Reduce app usage time using this best app blocker.
  • Helps you block distracting apps. Become Antisocial using this focus booster app.
  • Maintain phone life balance. Limit use of your device.
    Set time limits for yourself. It’s a must have app for kids’ phones.

More distracting times are ahead if you don’t take some corrective actions to stop this habit. You need to stay productive & have better self-control while using your smartphone.

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