Phone Distraction


Avoid getting distracted by your phone

Technology allows us to access endless data and research opportunities. The same devices that help you to learn can also distract you from getting your work done. The best way to stop getting distracted by your phone or device is to turn it off; however, many people use devices to study. Even with the best of intentions to stay on task, we still catch ourselves scrolling through social media when we should be working on a project. We …

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How to Beat an Addiction to Cell Phones

Do you find yourself constantly texting, surfing the internet, sending emails, using applications and playing games? Depending on how much time and effort you put into those situations, you may have a problem with excessive cell phone use.   Overuse of your cell phone can lead to reduced quality of personal relationships and lack of productivity in daily life. The typical cell phone user touches his or her phone 2,617 times every day. 2,617 times! Most people, …

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Smartphone Addiction or Obsession

Smartphones are extremely useful and even fun additions to our modern lives. However, many people have developed a reliance on the smart phone that borders on obsession. This is especially troublesome if you’re in a relationship with someone with a smart phone obsession. Cell phones have become such powerful and versatile tools that, for many people, they feel literally indispensable. Being obsessed is like having tunnel vision: you lose the ability to see or care about …

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Addicted to cell Phone?

It’s about time we all admitted we’re too addicted to our cell phones. From non-stop selfie-taking to endless scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy to forget to put the tech down and get addicted to social media even in situations when we really need to. It seems we’re well aware of the huge effect our cell addiction is having on our lives, but we’re not prepared to do much about it. People mostly reach out for …

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Facebook Anxiety Disorder

Social media has changed the way people interact. We can now remain in constant contact with hundreds of so-called friends, even ones we rarely see in person. Social anxiety is an anxiety problem where a person has an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations. Is there a role for social media in perpetuating Facebook anxiety disorder through feelings of disconnection and loneliness?  So how might social media be involved? Loneliness in the young is …

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