Building self-control can be challenging, but it is possible to create change in your life and manage impulsivity. Feeling more in control of yourself and your actions can lead to feeling more in control of life, feeling more empowered about who you are, and helping boost your feelings of self-esteem.Self-discipline. Let’s be honest. For most of us, it’s a work in progress wrapped in good intentions, procrastination, and feelings of failure. But it doesn’t have

How to Beat an Addiction to Cell Phones

Posted by Rajesh on  November 28, 2020
Category: CellPhone, Distraction
Do you find yourself constantly texting, surfing the internet, sending emails, using applications and playing games? Depending on how much time and effort you put into those situations, you may have a problem with excessive cell phone use.Overuse of your cell phone can lead to reduced quality of personal relationships and lack of productivity in daily life. The typical cell phone user touches his or her phone 2,617 times every day. 2,617 times! Most people, on average,

How to Focus on Studying

Posted by Rajesh on  October 27, 2020
Category: Concentration, Studies
Unless you have a strong desire to learn the information or develop a skill, it can be hard to focus all of your attention in one place. Television, smart phones, social media, friends, and family can all distract you from your goal of doing well in school. Create an environment that helps you focus. Ongoing distractions while trying to focus have been known to have a negative impact on IQ. To ensure that studying takes place when

How can we Concentrate on Reading

Posted by Rajesh on  October 9, 2020
You might have heard that concentration is a natural gift: you’re either one of those people who can read a whole novel in a day or you belong to the category of those who check what’s outside the window every five seconds to spot the slightest variation in the same cloud. Focus is a big part of what it takes to become a speed reader. If you can learn to focus better, you’ll not only

Ways to Break Cell Phone Craving

Posted by Rajesh on  September 25, 2020
Category: Screen time, Stay focus
Do you find yourself constantly texting, surfing the internet, sending emails, using applications and playing games? That we are living in an age of near constant digital distraction is now old news. You have also likely heard that the urge to pick up our devices is similar to other forms of behavioral craving. Like gambling or shopping craving, it releases a small shot of dopamine in various regions of the brain and keeps us coming

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